On Irina Schuvaloff's art

Irina Schuvaloff is inspired by photographs with a temporal distance, the persons in which serve to offer a narrative and vivid context as a basis for the painting work. Incidentally, the artist may even engage in imaginary dialogues with the people being painted.

Central in Schuvaloff's art is the accessibility to the work's emotional core. The themes in hand notwithstanding, she always aims at communicating, even imprinting in the viewer's experience, a reflection of things which move the viewer distinctly from the artist's thematic context.

Typically, artists wish to communicate also something concrete with their art, such as valuations. For now, the main thematic current in Schuvaloff's art has had to do with being female. In Art Center Salmela's summer exhibition 2006, her works reflected especially the theme of prolonged youth via the context of femininity. What has juvenility become, when the traditional landmarks of adulthood seem to move always further ahead?

Yet the arguments communicated by the artwork are secondary in importance in understanding Schuvaloff's work. More important is that the viewer is been drawn in contact to the artwork's emotional structure. The perception of art does not need to be traslated to literary arguments experiencing the work does suffice.